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Let iSolution Pros take care of your old iPhone before your upgrade!

With the countdown on for the release of the iPhone 11 on September 20th, many people are scrambling around trying to figure out what to do with their old iPhones and the best options to get the most out of your phone.  Many people think you have to turn your phone in when you upgrade, but that is not always the case.  To try and boost sales over the last few years, many carriers have offered early turn in for their iPhones where you only have to have your phone for half of your contract, and you just turn it in with your hands washed of it and any money you owe.  A lot of times, your phone is more valuable than the buyout option.


  1. Check your phone for any damage.  Any cracks on your screen and your carrier may not take your phone in for early upgrade or any trade in at all.  If you have an iPhone 8 or newer, you may have to also check the back glass to see if there are any cracks.
  2. Check to see what the buyout of your current phones contract is online.  Go to your carrier’s website, log in to your account and see how much money is owed on your phone.  That total number is what you will have to pay off to keep the phone yourself.  If the number is relatively low, you may want to check market prices for selling your phone third hand to maximize the profit on your phone.  It may be worth paying off your phone to keep and to resell yourself.
  3. If you owe no money, your phone is paid off!  This is the perfect situation for yourself.  The phone is paid off and you can shop your phone around freely.  A lot of carrier’s like Verizon, have a tool on their website that will allow you to estimate your trade in.  Visit the site before hand and get a general idea of what your carrier is willing to offer you, for you to trade in your phone at the time of an upgrade.  Generally, the offer is usually pretty good.  The only downside to this is that most of the time, the offer is a credit issued to your account over a span of a couple of months.

Check your carriers sites here:

Verizon’s Trade in Tool

AT&T Trade in Tool

US Cellular Trade in Tool

T-Mobile Trade in Tool

Sprint Trade in Tool


iSolution Pros can offer many different options to maximize your Upgrade.

If your phone is damaged:  iSolution Pros can do one of two things.  We can fix the phone for you, or we can buy the phone in the condition it is in.  This is where you have to do some math to figure out what is best for you.  If you have an iPhone 8 with a cracked screen, but still owe $400 on the phone and are eligible for an early upgrade, it is probably best to pay the $90 for an iPhone 8 screen replacement and to trade the phone in for your upgrade.  That option is only $90 to make your phone eligible for trade in and you wash your hands of the contract if you are up for early upgrade.  Check the cost of your iPhone Model’s repair here.

If you have an iPhone 8 with a cracked screen and you don’t owe anything or have a low buyout, an investment of $90 might make it worth fixing your phone to trade in for a credit.  This is where you want to use the tool on your carriers website to see what they will offer you to trade in your phone.  If they are going to offer you a $300 credit for your phone, this option may be best for you.

If the credit from your carrier isn’t up your alley, or the cost of repair isn’t something you want to pay, the other option is to sell the phone to us in the condition it is in.  Reach out to us and let us know what you have for a phone and we can give you a quote.  Some people would rather just have the cash for their phone instead of a credit over a couple of months.  Sometimes the cost of a repair just isn’t in the cards at the time.  Be aware, if your screen is totally non-working, we will repair the screen while you wait, and need you to sign out of the iCloud and to restore the phone after the repair.

If your phone is in good condition:  We can give you a quote to buy your phone and pay you cash on the spot.  Sometimes, you just really want to get out of your phone and move on to a different carrier who may not take your phone for trade.  Sometimes, you would rather just have cash than a credit for trade in.  Reach out to us on our website’s Sell your phone tool, and see what we can give you for a quote to sell your phone to us.  We pay in Cash or Check.

It is best to be prepared for your upgrade to your next phone and to know what all of your options are before hand.  Sometime