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Terms of Repair

iSolution Pros Terms and Conditions of Repairs:

By agreeing to any repair by iSolution Pros you agree to the following conditions:

New Screen Replacements:

All screen replacements are replaced by a High Quality screen.  Color and brightness vary from screen to screen, however iSolution Pros pays more money per screen for higher quality and consistency.  You may notice a slight difference in color from your Original (Or replaced screen), to our New replacement screens.  Often times, the new LCD’s take 48-72 hours to 100 percent warmup all pixels on new screens to achieve maximum brightness.

Issues with Touch after screen replacement:

Sometimes after screen replacements, some Digitizer’s have some touch issues.  Very few screens have the issues as the Tech does a pre-installation test of the screen before it is installed, however it has happened that there may be a few dead spots on the screen that will only be found after a few days of use.  As long as there are no cracks or signs of drop, the screen will be protected under the 30 day manufacturer warranty.  Screens must be brought back in with the original tempered glass that was installed to be eligible for replacement.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Disclaimer:

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is famous for certain issues that are fairly common after damage to the phone.  iPhone 6 phones can sometimes develop what is called a “Backlight” burn out.  This issue arrises after damage is done to the phone and a screen is replaced.  A very uncommon issue, but will sometimes develop months after damage.  The phone is actually on, along with the screen, however the backlight the lights up the screen stops working and make the screen almost impossible to see.

The iPhone 6 Plus is famous for developing “Touch Disease”.  Before every iPhone 6 Plus screen repair, I warn customers about this issue.  The 6 Plus Frame is fragile, and bends very easy.  This is where I see most issues with the touch disease.  The motherboard is screwed into the frame and will actually bend with the frame if it is bent.  This causes chips on the motherboard to be damaged.  Please let it be known that a iPhone 6 Plus screen replacement may work, while you are at the office, but it may stop working as soon as you walk outside, a day later, a month later, or it may work for the rest of the life of the phone.  For this reason, iPhone 6 plus screens have no warranty unless it is deemed a manufacturer defect for the screen.

iPhone X and Newer Model Disclaimer:

Apple has added another layer of complications with replacements of iPhone X and Newer Models for screen and battery replacements.  After a screen or battery replacement, your phone will generally start to display an error message that pops up whenever the phone is turned on that says the part is not an original apple part.  Any third party repair shop not associated with Apple will come across this problem unless they micro-solder.  The message pops up for generally a Week, then should revert back into the settings.  There should be no difference in quality, however this is more annoying than anything else.  This is not due to an aftermarket part replacement, but due to each part now having its own individualized serial Number that would have to be transferred over by soldering.

It is recommended that if you are visiting from out of town to have a repair done early in your trip barring any issues.  Unfortunately, if you live far away and have any issues with your phone we will not be able to issue any sort of refund or honor warranty work without having the phone to be able to remove/fix any parts.  This has never really been an issue in the past, however to avoid any future issues that may arise, iSolution Pros felt the need to address this.

The following is iSolution Pros Warranty policy:

  • iSolution Pros offers a 30 day Manufacturer Warranty to protect your investment from any possible unknown defects from a replacement part.  This warranty does not cover Cracks/ Accidental Damage/ or other parts of your phone that develop issues besides the replaced part.  For Example, if you have a screen replaced on your iPhone 7, and for some reason your Loud speaker (Speaker you play music on) stops working a month later, those two repairs are not connected and would not be covered under warranty.
  • All Phones that show water damage internally void any warranty done by iSolution Pros.  Whether the Water damage was pre-repair or post-repair, the corrosion that can be caused by water damage may effect future usage and if the Tech notices the water damage upon opening the Screen, they should point it out to the customer.
    • All Repairs are non-refundable.  Once a repair is done, the screen cannot be returned.
    • Warranty work also does not cover if there are gaps in your phone’s frame caused by bending.  An iSolution Pros Tech will work their best to return frame to original shape before installing a new screen, however it is almost impossible to return the frame back to perfect condition.  The Tech needs to get the frame back as close as possible to fit the new screen inside without leaving it vulnerable to easy damage.
    • Last but not least, any devices left at the shop over 3 months after repair is complete will be considered an abandoned device.  Too many times have devices been dropped off for repair only to be deemed unfixable, or a financial situation arose with the customer, or the customer just plain forgot about the device.  When the device is dropped off, it is the customer’s responsibility to pick it up.  A lot of times, the device is dropped off, the device is fixed, the customer is notified of completion, then the customer never comes and picks up the device due to financial restraints.  The parts installed on the device are paid for by iSolution Pros and iSolution Pros needs to recuperate the money for the parts.

iSolution Pros goes above and beyond trying to repair devices for customers and working with customers on any followup work.  We pride ourselves upon pointing the customer in the best direction for them, even if it means turning away business by directing customers in a cheaper alternative.